My Brest Friend

My Brest FriendFor over 20 years, My Brest Friend’s essential patented features have been considered the #1 choice by lactation consultants and supports mothers in over 45 countries. It is used in hundreds of NIC units and birthing hospitals.

My Brest Friend is the only nursing pillow designed to perfectly position baby to latch on while supporting Mom’s bod where she needs it the most. Mom is comfortable and at ease. Baby is nursing, happy and healthy.

How do we achieve this? Through essential features outlined below:

“Marin General Hospital exclusively uses My Brest Friend in all our postpartum rooms. They are recommended by our lactation Consultants as the best nursing pillow on the market for breastfeeding success. It is a “must have” item for all breastfeeding moms.” Patti Cassidy – Babynook Manager, Maron General Hospital, CA.

The solution is clear, My Brest Friend is designed to meet the specific breastfeeding needs of Mom and baby – no other nursing pillow comes close.