Conference Add-on Lecture Packs

Expand your conference experience with any of these focused educational series! In addition to the main conference, we are offering the option to extend your conference experience with 4 highly informative add-on lecture packages.

A Whole Body Approach to the Clinical Management of Complex Breastfeeding Issues Lecture Pack

Caring for babies with complex feeding issues requires a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology that goes beyond just the oral anatomy. This package provides a deeper look into structural and functional issues that can impact breastfeeding/chestfeeding.

  • Breastfeeding and Chestfeeding With an Oral Cleft: Scaffolding for Success
    Aiden Farrow, BSc, IBCLC, Cert PPH
  • Cranial Nerves: A Critical Component of the Process of Breastfeeding
    Alison K. Hazelbaker, PhD, IBCLC, RLC, LMT, CST, RCST, PPNE
  • Neuroanatomy and Biomechanics: Breastfeeding as a First Movement Milestone
    Allyson Wessells, PT, MPT, IBCLC
  • Where to Start: Creating a Lactation Care Plan for Complex Breastfeeding Cases
    Annette Leary, RN, BSN, IBCLC
  • Form and Function: Looking for Clues in Babies with Structural Issues Affecting Breastfeeding
    Aruna Savur, MBBS, DNB (Pediatrics), Advanced training in Neonatal Intensive Care, IBCLC, Certified Infant Massage Instructor
  • The Role of Manual Therapy in Infant Postural Asymmetry, Suck Dysfunction and Mastitis
    Kirsten Hannan, B App Sc (Ost), M.Ost, IBCLC
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Forming Comprehensive Conversations for Common Breastfeeding Challenges Lecture Pack

Being able to put a care plan in place is only one part of our job as lactation professionals. The ability to explain things and answer parents' questions is equally important and requires a deep level of knowledge, along with the ability to translate that knowledge into simple terms. Join our expert speakers to stay up to date on the latest research and thoughts on best practice for common clinical situations.

  • Working With Anxious Parents And Fussy Babies
    Anna Le Grange, BSc, RN, IBCLC
  • Too Much Milk: Evaluation and Management of Hyperlactation
    Divya Sinha Parikh, MD, IBCLC, FAAP
  • The Intersection Between Lactation, Sleep, and Family Well-Being
    Joy MacTavish, IBCLC, RLC, Holistic Sleep Coach
  • Taking a Closer Look at Cow's Milk Protein Allergy and Breastfeeding
    Rolinde Demeyer, RD, PhD
  • A Balancing Act: The Clinical Use of Scales With the Breastfed Infant
    Summer J. Friedmann, IBCLC, LLLL
  • Weaning From Breastfeeding: Why Timing and Methods Matter
    Zoe Faulkner, BA Hons IBCLC
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NICU Babies: Advancing Human Milk and Breastfeeding Practices Lecture Pack

Human milk and breast/chestfeeding are of critical importance for premature and medically fragile infants. Research in recent years has greatly enhanced knowledge of immunoprotective and immunomodulating properties of human milk. This package focuses on nutritional and medicinal aspects of human milk, along with the practicalities of pumping and handling milk and at breast/chest feeding in the NICU.

  • Breastfeeding Medically Complex Infants in the Neonatal ICU
    Amber Valentine Forston, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S, IBCLC, CNT
  • NICU Practices for Storage and Handling of Breastmilk
    Fayrouz Essawy, MD, IBCLC
  • Pumping for Hospitalized Babies: 12 Keys to Supporting Families
    Jeanette Mesite Frem, MHS, IBCLC, RLC, CCE
  • Oral Colostrum Care as an Immunological Intervention in the NICU
    Mariana Colmenares CastaƱo, MD, IBCLC
  • NICU Nutrition: Best Practice for Best Outcomes
    Nancy Wight, MD, IBCLC, FAAP, FABM
  • Updates on the Use of Human Donor Milk in the NICU
    Sharon Unger, MD, FRCP(C)
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Got Breastmilk? Skills & Tools for Improving Low Milk Production Lecture Pack

Knowing how to support adequate milk production is crucial for any professionals working with breast/chestfeeding families. This special package provides a focused look at some of the latest research and techniques for supporting different aspects of human milk production.

  • Clinical Assessment and Management of Low Milk Production
    Barbara Robertson, MA, IBCLC, LLL
  • An Evidence-Based Guide to Using Domperidone as a Galactagogue
    Luke Grzeskowiak, PhD, BPharm(Hons), GCertClinEpid, AdvPracPharm, FSHP
  • Counseling and Anticipatory Guidance to Reduce Perceived Insufficient Milk Production
    Tameka L. Jackson-Dyer, BASc, IBCLC, CHW, CLC, CLE, CLS
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