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Come and celebrate World Breastfeeding Week 2022 with us on August 2! We’re thrilled to have Lisa Amir, MBBS, MMed, PhD, IBCLC sharing her presentation “Urban Design Solutions to Support Breastfeeding in Public”. This free event includes 1 L-CERP.

Find full details and register here: 

World Breastfeeding Day

The theme for this year’s World Breastfeeding Week is Step up for Breastfeeding - Educate and Support. We’re called upon to strengthen the ways we protect, promote, and support breastfeeding across different levels of society. Together, we can have a far-reaching impact on families as we support them in meeting their feeding goals.

Our speaker Lisa Amir has an extensive background in lactation. She’s been an IBCLC since 1989 and is a seasoned author with over 120 published peer-reviewed articles on breastfeeding. She is also a general practitioner, Editor-in-Chief of the International Breastfeeding Journal, and a Principal Research Fellow at Judith Lumley Centre.

During this webinar, Lisa brings us the very latest research on an important area of breastfeeding support and advocacy. She’ll speak to us about the ways appropriate and comfortable spaces impact the experience of breastfeeding in public, and how these spaces can contribute to weaning. 

This eye-opening presentation includes input from a wide variety of parents, health professionals, and council planning staff. You’ll gain a better understanding of the impact of social expectations as well as what mothers report to be the contributing factors in the best spaces for breastfeeding. 

We’ll have the opportunity to learn how design guidelines could improve everyday shared spaces and also how to optimize design characteristics for dedicated breastfeeding spaces.

We’ll hear this presentation live on August 2nd at 9pm UTC / 2pm PDT / 5pm EDT. Your free registration gives you access to this live event as well as to the recording. Watch and re-watch at your convenience for 4 weeks.

Reserve your free seat here: 

We look forward to celebrating World Breastfeeding Week with you during this informative and inspiring event!

The just concluded 2022 GOLD Lactation Conference kicked off on April 4, 2022 with our Free Live Keynote Presentation and was followed by a series of "Live Days" held over the following weeks. 

Over 4500 attendees from all around the world, across various time zones tuned in to watch live presentations by 28 renowned experts. Apart from professional presentations, attendees also got a chance to have some fun with the Mandela Colouring Pages, GOLDen Hour Virtual Yoga and Zumba. 

The GOLD networking session gave attendees the opportunity to expand their network and connect with other professionals from around the world. Attendees have the opportunity to share experiences and learn about lactation practices in other parts of the world.

We interviewed one of our long-term attendees, Morgan Scarborough, to discuss her experience and what impact the GOLD Lactation Conference has had on her career as an IBCLC.

Tell us a little about yourself professionally and how lactation education fits into your everyday practice.
I’m a mom of 2 little humans and a IBCLC supporting military service members and their families.

What inspires you?
I want to be better. I want to be a better person, mother, wife, IBCLC, and human.

How long have you been attending GOLD Lactation events?
3 years

How has the GOLD Lactation Events impacted your practice?
I learn from each conference. The more I learn, the better I become. And ultimately, the better I become, the better I serve families. The knowledge and support is huge among GOLD. Every conference, I learn new things. It makes me better

What striking new information did you acquire from our events?
I loved the topic on gut health this year! (Microbiome Support for the Breast/Chestfeeding Dyad)

Can you describe any specific scenario(s) where the knowledge you acquired from GOLD Lactation Events helped you tackle a difficult situation?
I think as an IBCLC, I always recommend GOLD conferences to other lactation workers. The conferences always have a variety of amazing and new research.

Which elements of the event did you like the most?
I love the networking events. I love the presentations. I love being able to watch them anywhere on my phone.

Are you likely to participate in one of our events in the future? Why?
Absolutely! I’m GOLD obsessed! There is a huge diversity of topic presented every year

Missed the GOLD Lactation 2022 Event? It’s not too late!

Each presentation and interactive session is recorded and we make recordings available in the Delegates Area. Although registration for the the GOLD Lactation 2022 event is now closed, conference attendees have until June 30, 2022 to watch as many presentations as they like.

In addition, those with GOLD Annual Membership will have until July 22, 2022 to view recordings. Other perks of the GOLD Annual Membership include:

  • 3 week viewing extension on Conferences

  • Access to Conference resources for 12 weeks

  • 10% Discount on GOLD Conferences & Events

  • Log in anywhere, anytime, 365/24/7!

  • No more lost Certificates

  • Print Receipts any time

Our GOLDen Hour Gentle Flow Yoga is back again at GOLD Lactation Online Conference 2022 and we invite you to join us for this opportunity to relax and move!

GOLDern Hour at GOLD Lactation 2022

This special session will be taking place live on Wednesday, April 27 at 2pm UTC / 7am PDT / 10am EDT and is open to all GOLD Lactation 2022 attendees. Carolina Carloto, Certified Yoga Instructor, will be leading us through an easy flow that is suitable for all experience levels. We’ll be focusing on engaging our muscles and calming our minds as we bring ourselves to the present moment. 

Reserve your spot to join in! Login and register online in the Delegates Dashboard:

We look forward to seeing you there for some self care!

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