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GOLD Lactation 2021 is our 15th annual online conference, and we’re thrilled to be bringing you a program packed with the biggest topics and latest information in lactation! Each year, thousands of healthcare providers from around the globe come together for this highly-anticipated event to gain knowledge and to connect with colleagues.

Join us for our free Keynote Presentation on May 10 with Lisa Marasco MA, IBCLC FILCA! “The Mysterious Milk Ejection Reflex” is an info-packed presentation with fascinating insights. We’ll hear this webinar live two times, and then a recording will also be available.

Reserve your free seat and invite your friends to take advantage of this free education along with you: 

Lisa Marasco has been working with breastfeeding families for 35 years. She is an author, researcher, and speaker who is widely recognized for her expertise in the field of lactation.

During this presentation, she’ll be bringing us an eye-opening look at the milk ejection reflex! We’ll explore some of the obvious and more subtle factors that can positively and negatively impact this reflex. We’ll also learn about potential strategies to use when things aren’t going smoothly.

Our full GOLD Lactation conference runs from March 29 to June 30, 2021 and includes 29.5 hours of accredited education from industry experts! Learn at your own pace, participate in live events, and connect with international colleagues during chats, networking sessions, and in our discussion group.

The final day to register is June 15! Find all the details and sign up here: 

We look forward to seeing you online at GOLD Lactation 2021 for come incredible moments of community and connection!


GOLD Lactation 2021 is your source for the latest information on the biggest topics in lactation! Our program is packed with top-notch speakers, engaging presentations, and the research and clinical skills you’re looking for.

Join us from March 29 to June 30 with over 4000 delegates from 90+ countries! Attend live presentations, access recordings to learn at your own pace, connect with colleagues, and participate in our interactive sessions and networking sessions.

Read all the details and register here: 

Take your conference learning even further with this year’s add-on lecture packs! Available as recordings throughout the conference period, these packages bring you presentations focused on key areas of lactation support. Sign up for one or more and start learning today!

The Lactation and Adversity: Addressing Challenges with Confidence Lecture Pack offers you an opportunity to increase your clinical skill level. You’ll take a close look at some of the more difficult scenarios in lactation so you can approach them with confidence. Read all about the six presentations in this lecture pack here: 

In our Translating Knowledge Into Practice: Creating Effective Lactation Care Plans Lecture Pack you’ll find presentations rich with tips and insights that you can apply immediately in your practice. You’ll learn about common clinical situations, creating a care plan, follow up care, and adjusting to evolving situations. Learn more about these 6 presentations here: 

Our Essential Communication Skills for Lactation Professionals Lecture Pack is where you’ll take your communication skills to the next level! This package was created with the new IBLCE communication skills requirements in mind. It’s perfect for the healthcare provider looking to become more effective in their communication with clients and colleagues alike. Click through here to read more about what these 5 presentations have in store for you: 

We look forward to seeing you online at GOLD Lactation 2021!

Welcome to GOLD Lactation 2021! My name is Cynthia Good. I'm an IBCLC, mental health care provider, speaker, and author who is passionate about lactation education. As Program Chair for GOLD Lactation, I'm so excited to have you join us for an amazing opportunity to expand your knowledge, improve your clinical skills, and enhance your personal growth. We've developed our program to support the 4000+ members of the GOLD community in our shared goal of improving the quality of care we provide our clients and helping them meet their lactation-related goals.

Working behind the scenes of GOLD Lactation 2021 is exciting for me because I share GOLD's dedication to making a meaningful difference in the work of lactation supporters and in the lives of the families we all serve. Building this program is a labor of love, listening, commitment, research, and accountability. Every member of Team GOLD cares deeply about lactation and its powerful impact on human health and development. We seek and review feedback and suggestions from delegates around the world who work in different settings and hold a wide variety of lactation-related credentials and roles. We consult the global wisdom, expertise, and experience of our professional advisory committee. We dive deep into research, hot topics, and social media networks to identify cutting edge information and gaps in knowledge and practice. And we actively track how well our program outcomes match our intentions. In short, we keep our finger on the pulse of the lactation field so we can meet your dynamic needs as you strive to meet your clients' dynamic needs. We are here for you!

This year our GOLD Lactation program reflects numerous changes in both the world and the field of lactation support, such as the impact of the pandemic; the growing need for lactation professionals to provide skilled support for complex cases; the increasing use of technology; updates in our understanding of lactation physiology, immunology and endocrinology; the needs of the newest generation of parents; and the increasing recognition of the critical importance of inclusive care that supports the family as a whole. Our program provides information and skills that we all need to challenge stigma, recognize and counter biases, and increase equitable access to quality lactation support for all communities. online pharmacy

I'm looking forward to learning from 43 expert speakers—from diverse backgrounds across 11 different countries—to grow my professional knowledge and skills. I hope you'll join me!

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