Speaker Interviews 2024

We are thrilled to offer such a diverse group of Researchers, Clinicians & Lactation Consultants for our 2024 GOLD Lactation Conference. We had a chance to sit down with some of the Speakers before the conference begins and learn a little bit more about them and what they will be presenting this year.

Please note, these are NOT presentations and do not count towards educational hours

Speaker Interviews
Main Conference Speakers:

Applying Lactation Theory to Real-World Cases of Complex Lactation Issues

Amrita Desai MSc, LCCE, IBCLC

Clinical Case Studies: Transitioning From Failure to Thrive to Flourishing in Breastfed Infants

Andreea Ola IBCLC

Solving Latching Problems: A Reflex-Based Approach

Avery Young M.S, M.Ed, IBCLC

The All-Consuming Journey: Lived Experiences of Mothers with Primary Low Milk Production

Caoimhe Whelan B. Eng, IBCLC, MSc.

Oxytocin and Skin to Skin Contact: The Power of Touch During Breastfeeding

Carina Krasnoff MD IBCLC

Cutting Through the Challenges: Unveiling the Cesarean-Breastfeeding Connection

Dianne Cassidy MA, IBCLC-RLC, ALC

When Sadness Is Not the Symptom: Clinical Approaches for Breastfeeding Mothers with Postpartum Depression

Dyah Febriyanti MD, IBCLC

The Research Parade: Reviewing the Latest Evidence in Order to Apply it to Your Lactation Practice

Gayle Subramaniam IBCLC

Indira Lopez-Bassols
BA (hons), MSc, IBCLC, MPhil/PhD Student

Driving Change in Lactation Support with A Mobile Lactation Clinic

Holly Johnson IBCLC

Diving into the Nuances of Clinical Sucking Skills: Bridging Infant Oral Function and Breast Physiology

(Keynote Presentation)

Jacqueline Kincer IBCLC, CSOM

Achieving Lactation Excellence: Unleash the Power of Caring with Impact, Equity, and Evidence-Based Support

(Keynote Presentation)

Janiya Mitnaul Williams MA, IBCLC, CLC

Lab Work for Targeted and Individualized Support for Low Milk Production

Jessica Altemara IBCLC

Collateral Damage: Exploring the Impact of Routine Birth Interventions on Breastfeeding

Kelly Durbin M.Ed., IBCLC

Inside Out: Unraveling the Dance of NeoHormones, the Estrobolome, and the Microbiome

Laurel A. Wilson IBCLC, BSc, CLE, CLD, CCCE

Making Muscle and Milk: The Physiology of Exercise and Lactation

Lindsey Reeves MS, RD, LDN, IBCLC

Navigating PCOS During Lactation: Solution Focused Strategies and Equity in Care


Unlocking the Power and Dismantling the Bias: Lactation Education in a Digital World

Mercedes Thomas MSN, APRN, CPNP-PC, IBCLC

Adapting Lactation Assessment and Support for Neurodivergent Families

Miranda Buck RN, BA, MPhil, IBCLC, PhD

Breastfeeding Counselling Concepts from Disciplines Outside the Maternity Ward


Relieving Discomfort: Non-Prescription Cold and Pain Relief While Breastfeeding

Nour El Hoda Ezzeddine PharmD, IBCLC

How Parents Regulate Their Babies' Nervous Systems: Biobehavioral Synchrony in Lactation

Rocio Zunini PhD

Fostering Bodily Autonomy in Lactation: Breastfeeding Support Through The Lens of Parental and Infant Rights

Shacchee Khare Baweja MBBS, DCH, IYCF, IBCLC

Humanitarian Aid and Breastfeeding: What Does the Research Tell Us is Needed?

Shela Hirani PhD, RN, IBCLC

Be Your "Breast" You! Self Care Strategies for Lactation Professionals to Avoid Burnout

Stacy L. Notestine BSN, RN, IBCLC, RYT-200

The Evolution of Lactation Aids: From Nipple Shields to Silicone Collection Cups and Beyond

Summer J. Friedmann IBCLC, LLLL

Accessible Tools and Techniques For Relieving Breast and Body Pain While Breastfeeding

Swati Temkar IBCLC

Are You Part of the Village? Supporting Single-Parent Households and Other Unique Family Structures

Tiara Caldwell LPN, IBCLC
Unlocking Milk Production: Keys to Clinical Assessment and Management Add-on Lecture Pack Speakers:

A Unique Case: Primary Amenorrhea and Strategies for Induced Lactation

Anjar Setiani MD, IBCLC

A Concert of Hormones: The Biology of the Mammary Gland and Regulation of Milk Production

Anna Sadovnikova PhD, IBCLC, MPH, MA

Navigating Exclusive Pumping: Insights From the Latest Research

Charlotte Treitl IBCLC

Supporting Milk Production Beyond the First Six Months

Emma Pickett IBCLC

MIND over MILK: Counseling Lactating Persons Through Milk Supply Concerns

LaShanda Dandrich IBCLC

Low Milk Production Triage: Prioritizing and Developing a Practical Plan of Action

Molly Peterson BS, IBCLC
Breastfeeding & Perinatal Mental Health: Practical Tools for Fostering Emotional SafetyAdd-on Lecture Pack Speakers:

Perinatal Depression and the Breastfeeding Dyad: Exploring Your Role and Responsibilities

Andreea Ola IBCLC

Nurturing Neurodivergent Families: Sensory Conscious Lactation Spaces and Mental Health

Genny Stiller RN, NP, IBCLC, C-NLS

Breastfeeding Grief: When Things Don't Go As Planned

Justine Leach Ph.D

Interplay of Oxytocin and Stress Systems: Impact on Breastfeeding and Mental Health

Kathleen Kendall-Tackett PhD, IBCLC, FAPA

Using an Infant Mental Health Model to Support the Breastfeeding Dyad: A Case Based Presentation

L. Hope Wills MA, RD, CSP, IBCLC

Management of Mental Health Assessment During a Lactation Consult

Tori Hamilton BScN, RN, IBCLC, PMH-C