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Topics & Abstracts

2017 Main Presentations:

Every year, the GOLD Lactation Online Conference invites hand-selected researchers and clinicians in the field of Lactation to present on current and emerging evidence-based education. We're proud to offer you a full spectrum of education, including current research, clinical skills, case studies, ethics, business development, cultural & geographical experiences & industry specific talks.

We're excited to present the 2017 Program below!

2017 Cultural Presentations:

Discovering how breastfeeding is experienced and how lactation health care is provided in other countries and cultures around the world can have a positive impact on our own professional practice. Every year, GOLD Lactation is proud to offer a collection of short talks detailing breastfeeding traditions and practices from a wide variety of different cultures. Our cultural speakers are breastfeeding specialists in their country and come from peer-to-peer, non-profit, health care, and medical backgrounds.

As culture is defined by much more than political borders, GOLD Lactation has invited speakers to share their knowledge and expertise about breastfeeding in geographically-based centres and in terms of people groups within a particular culture. This year, our cultural speakers will be presenting on:

2017 Industry Presentations:

GOLD Lactation is proud to invite speakers from industry specific associations, foundations, charities, NGO's, and businesses to give short presentations about what they are doing in the field of lactation health care. These presentations are designed to inform you about the benefits of these organizations and what they can do for you, or how you can get involved in their work.