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GOLD Lactation is pleased to offer a Keynote Presentation open to the general public. Our Keynote Presentation always discusses historical, biological, or sociological topics in regards to lactation and breastfeeding, and is meant to appeal to a wide range of health care professionals. We're eager to continue our work of exploring the latest research, trends, new ideas and hot topics in the world of human lactation.

This year, we're thrilled to have Sejal Fichadia IBCLC, kick off our 2023 GOLD Lactation Conference. Sejal's presentation "Calm & Regulated: Rethinking Our Approach to Latch and Positioning" will inaugurate our 17th Annual Lactation Conference on April 3rd. We invite you to join us at either of our two live sessions or access the public recording of this talk until April 30. Simply reserve your seat to receive exclusive access. A Certificate of Attendance will be provided.

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Apr 3, 2023 16:00 UTC
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Sejal Fichadia, IBCLC

Sejal is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in private practice and an infant massage educator in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA. She combines her professional expertise with her personal instincts as a mother and a supportive team member.

She holds a Bachelors in Microbiology and Clinical Laboratory Science.

She also brings with her the following comprehensive toolkit: Certified Educator of Infant Massage Formerly Certified in skin-to-skin care for full term infants from the United States Institute of Kangaroo Care Certified Provider of Innate Postpartum Care

She has presented nationally and internationally for GOLD lactation, ILCA, community colleges, local lactation organizations.

As a lactation consultant, she believes that every individual needs to be educated about breast health, optimal infant feeding and how breastfeeding support is a basic human right and can impact world health globally.

She strives to help each family by continuing to learn all she can about breast health, breastfeeding ecology, breastfeeding movement and parent-infant connection using the neurobiological and infant mental health lens.

When she’s not with her clients, you can find her at home in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA, listening to bollywood music, hanging out with friends and spending time with her family.

Abstract: Calm & Regulated: Rethinking Our Approach to Latch and Positioning

Every interaction in lactation care with clients must set the foundation for creating an oxytocic environment. Improving client self-efficacy must be a priority for every lactation professional who works with the dyad. This presentation will dive deeper into the various factors that include not just latching and positioning but also brings attention to regulating the nervous system of the parent and baby. The presence of a lactation support professional needs to invite a neurophysiological encounter of safety in the parent and infant. This allows them to feel relaxed, unfurled, and present in the process of feeding and beyond. We will review clinical case studies, videos, photos and curious compassion for better client outcomes. Lactation professionals will be able to incorporate the ideas from this presentation into their clinical practice. They will be able to encourage client self-reliance that lasts beyond the consultation. This presentation can be used as a guide for providing a neurophysiologically inclusive feeding plan and bridging the gap between initiation and duration of breastfeeding.

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