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Magda Karpienia

Breastfeeding in Poland

  • Speaker: Magda Karpienia , LLL, BA
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  • Duration: 30 Mins
  • Credits: 0.5 CERP, 0.5 Nursing CEU, 0.5 CME, 0.05 Midwifery CEU, 0.5 Dietetic CEU

Poland is a country in the middle of Europe. Although there is a rich history of breastfeeding in Poland, the statistic are poor right now. With 99% of mothers beginning breastfeeding after a labour, only 14% breastfeed after 6 months. Why does this happen? How does breastfeeding support and education look in this beautiful country? What are the common beliefs? What organization do we have and who helps mothers? These are the questions for which you will find answers in this presentation.