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Dr. Asti Praborini

Hospitalization for nipple confusion: a method to restore a healthy breastfeeding

  • Speaker: Dr. Asti Praborini , MD, Pediatrician, IBCLC
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  • Duration: 30 Mins
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Optimal breastfeeding is at the top of the list of effective preventive interventions for child survival. Unfortunately, bottle feeding with formula, which is inferior to breastmilk, has contributed to lower breastfeeding rates. Initial exposure to bottle feeding can lead to nipple confusion. Hospitalization for nipple confusion is a method to restore healthy breastfeeding. This program has helped many mothers and babies achieve a happy and healthy breastfeeding relationship. Mothers and babies, who come into our Lactation Clinic and complain of breast rejection, are advised to be hospitalized. In hospital they practice skin to skin, and if indicated, frenotomy for tongue tie or lip tie will be done after parents consent. Counselors visit mother and baby to help them have a good latch. Supplementation is done via lactation aid, and galactogogues, and acupuncture help mothers to restore their milk supply. Both mother and baby are discharged from the hospital after the baby has established a good latch. In our clinics, there were 58 cases of nipple confusion between January – December 2012, 53 cases (91.4%) led to successful breastfeeding.