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Panel Discussion

Lifting up the Lactation Profession

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  • Duration: 60 Mins
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During a time when lactation professionals are facing unprecedented negativity on top of the usual challenges, it’s easy to get drawn into the conflict or to start wondering if what we do makes a difference. How do we lift one another up to maintain a positive focus on using our knowledge and skills to guide families who are feeling scared and confused? How do we set aside our biases to make sure we’re listening to all sides? How do we connect and collaborate with other professions to expand the network of support for new families? This panel discussion focuses on answering those questions and providing steps that can be taken to promote collaboration both within the field of lactation and with other members of the health care team to improve breastfeeding knowledge translation and mobilization. This is your chance to hear from Dr. Amy Brown, Christy Jo Hendricks and Joy MacTavish as they share their thoughts on this hot topic during our panel discussion titled “Lifting up the Lactation Profession”.