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Mariana Colmenares Castaño

Breastfeeding with Insufficient Glandular Tissue


Breastfeeding is the normative way to feed babies all over the world. We have access to large amount of scientific evidence that supports it. Advocates of breastfeeding such as health care professionals that protect, promotes and support the breast/chest feeding dyad can struggle sometimes with women or babies who cannot breastfeed as the World Health Organization suggests. Mothers with low milk supply are often supported by family, friends and health care with well meaning advices and remedies to help them do their best. Women who have insufficient glandular tissue (IGT) struggle with their milk supply, despite good breastfeeding management. Is common to see families with this issue in the second or third lactation failure without really understanding what might be going wrong. These babies can have dehydration in the neonatal period, hypernatremia or even death without anybody that could help with a correct diagnosis or help with achievable goals that can benefit both, mother and baby. It is of great importance to help with accurate diagnosis that can benefit also psychologically and choose continue breastfeeding with breast/ chest supplementation.