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Laurel A. Wilson

Epigenetics and Breastfeeding: The Potential Longterm Impact of Breastmilk

  • Speaker: Laurel A. Wilson , IBCLC, BSc, CLE, CLD, CCCE
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  • Duration: 45 Mins
  • Credits: .75 CERP, .75 Nursing CEU, .75 CME, .05 Midwifery CEU, .75 Dietetic CEU

Recent research on epigentics has led medical professionals to query about how the environment impacts the developing baby both in utero and throughout its lifetime. The genome is the genetic information inherited from one's parents, but the epigenome is what determine how the genome is expressed. This deciphering process is effected by both the internal and external environment of an individual, including nutrition. Researchers are discovering that these epigenetic changes can influence not only one but multiple generations. The first nutrition for a human outside the womb is breastmilk, and thus the epigenetic impact of breastfeeding has long reaching potential. Discover the results of some of the latest research in the field of epigenetics and breastmilk - milksharing/wet nursing, breastmilk and epigenetic influence, and changes in gene expression and gut flora.