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Tameka L. Jackson-Dyer

Counseling and Anticipatory Guidance to Reduce Perceived Insufficient Milk Production

  • Speaker: Tameka L. Jackson-Dyer , BASc, IBCLC, CHW, CLC, CLE, CLS
  • Presentation Type:
  • Duration: 60 Mins
  • Credits: 1 CERP, 1 Nursing CEU, 1 CME, 0.1 Midwifery CEU, 1 Dietetic CEU
One of the most prevalent breastfeeding problems worldwide is perceived insufficient milk production. The perception of not having enough milk is one of the top reasons for premature weaning and/ or supplementation. Lack of prenatal breastfeeding education, misinterpretation of normal newborn behavior and the ignorance of most healthcare providers concerning lactation leaves lactating individuals confused and unsure of their ability to nourish their babies with their milk. This presentation will explore the myriad of reasons behind the perception of insufficient milk production, address the education gaps for families and healthcare providers and give lactation supporters tools to empower families to reach their breast/ chestfeeding goals.