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Summer J. Friedmann

The Evolution of Lactation Aids: From Nipple Shields to Silicone Collection Cups and Beyond - Part One


The journey of lactation support has been remarkable, with a lineage tracing back 400 years to the use of nipple shields. Over centuries, with understandable skepticism, the transition of materials and innovation has ushered these aids from obscurity to mainstream use. Today, the repertoire has expanded to include silicone collection cups, diverse pumping systems, and specialized approaches for NICU settings. As with many accouterments in the realm of lactation, awareness regarding the appropriate indications, risks, and the plethora of styles available is crucial. These tools are multifaceted, capable of aiding parents in achieving their breastfeeding goals when used properly, yet posing challenges if misapplied. The discussion will extend to encapsulate the dynamics of hands-free solutions, offering a holistic view of the contemporary lactation toolkit.