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Jaye Simpson

LGBTQ Parents and Lactation – An Exploration in LGBTQ Culture

  • Speaker: Jaye Simpson , CLE, IBCLC, RLC
  • Presentation Type:
  • Duration: 30 Mins
  • Credits: .5 CERP, .5 Nursing CEU, .5 CME

This presentation will help practitioners learn about the culture of same-sex couples as it relates to lactation. Just as we know we need to be aware of other cultures within our communities and lactation customs in order to serve them better and be sensitive to their nuances, we need to recognize that the LGBT community has its own culture as well. Understanding that culture will help us be more attentive and supportive of our same-sex couples. Same –sex couples face any number of challenges in society in general and can find it difficult to find supportive and accepting lactation care. Knowing the nature of your own community and the acceptance level of the LGBTQ population can help you be more effective, accessible and supportive as a care-provider.