GOLD Speakers


Barbara Wilson-Clay, BSEd, IBCLC, FILCA

  • Country: USA

Barbara Wilson-Clay has been in private practice in Austin, Texas since 1987 specializing in difficult breastfeeding cases. She co-founded the Texas Chapter of Healthy Mothers/Healthy Babies and the Texas Breastfeeding Coalition.  In 1998 she helped found the non-profit Mothers Milk Bank at Austin, and retired from the (volunteer) board of directors as Vice President after 10 years of service.  She has been a volunteer lobbyist in the Texas legislature during each legislative session since 1993, and helped pass the landmark Right to Breastfeed in Public bill in 1995 and a bill to provide pumping accommodations for public employees not covered by the Affordable Care Act in 2015.  She provides corporate consulting services to Apple Computer. Barbara‚Äôs research and commentaries have been widely published. She has participated in midwifery training at local Austin birthing centers and her book, The Breastfeeding Atlas, is widely used to train midwives in Europe.