GOLD Speakers


Brandi Gates, IBCLC

  • Speaker Type: 2017 Main Presentations
  • Country: USA

Brandi Gates is an every day, hard working bay area mother just like you. She was born and raised in the diverse San Francisco, Bay Area. She has 3 beautiful daughters Azarriah, 8, Zaleeya, 2 and Ziyanna, 1. While earning her bachelors degree in sociology from Cal-State East Bay, she breastfed Azarriah for 19 months. She understands the time and energy it takes to exclusively breastfeed when there's many life obligations. While overcoming her own lactating difficulties with her daughter Azarriah, she realized how many bay area mothers have issues with breastfeeding and have no one to help. She became very passionate about breastfeeding and decided to pursue a career in helping and educating parents about lactation. She started working at an Alameda County WIC program. When she started there, she would support teen mothers with lactating challenges, going back to school and just being mothers at such a young age. After 3 years, her passion for helping mothers breastfeed grew. At University of California, San Diego, Brandi earned her lactation consultant certificate in 2010 than went on to become an international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) providing in-home lactation consulting, support and education for families throughout the East Bay. Her purpose and passion is to help create strong, healthy and happy families. She has experience helping families overcome many challenges that may arise in breastfeeding. Depending on your needs, it might be as simple as answering a few questions, clarifying something you might have heard, or offering some reassurance. Other times it can be much more involved. In all cases Brandi is here to help. And she does this in the most caring and supportive environment possible: yours.

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