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Carmela Kika Baeza, MD, IBCLC

  • Speaker Type: Assessment and Critical Thinking Skills in Action Lecture Pack
  • Country: Spain

My name is Carmela Baeza – but everyone calls me Kika. I was born in Madrid, Spain in 1971. I am a medical doctor, specialized in family medicine and in sexual therapy. I have a Bachelor´s degree in Public Health Education. I became an IBCLC in 2005 and was a member of ILCA a year before that. I am a BFHI Evaluator since 2006. I work in a private Family Wellness Clinic, Raices, where I am in charge of the lactation program. I also teach Natural Family Planning (Symptothermal Method and LAM). I am married to Carlos, and the mother of five children, the first of whom passed away due to a cardiac illness. He is the one who inspired me to become an IBCLC and focus on the support of mothers, babies and breastfeeding as well as emotional support in the perinatal period.

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