GOLD Speakers


Debbie Noble-Carr, PhD, BSW

Katherine Carroll, PhD, BPhysiotherapy, BA (Hons)

  • Country: Australia

Debbie is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the School of Sociology, Australian National University. As a social worker, Debbie has worked in a range of health and welfare settings providing support to vulnerable children, young people and their families. For the last 20 years Debbie has conducted and managed research projects at various government and non-government organisations and within university settings. During this time, Debbie has developed extensive skills and innovative methodologies for conducting qualitative research with vulnerable children and their families on sensitive issues such as grief and loss, informal caring, homelessness and the safety of children and their families. Debbie’s research has positively impacted health and welfare policies and practices, and has been extensively applied to train child and family workers in child-centred practices. In 2017, Debbie completed her PhD, which focused on vulnerable children's perceptions and experiences of loss. She is currently working on an Australian Research Council study examining lactation after infant death, which has involved interviews with hospital-based health professionals, bereaved mothers and fathers.
Katherine is a Senior Lecturer at School of Sociology, Australian National University. Katherine’s particular areas of interest include the sociology of reproduction and motherhood, perinatal medicine, lactation sciences, human milk banking and donation. Her current projects include an Australian Research Council funded study on maternal experiences of lactation after infant death, and a Mayo Clinic funded research project on the communication with families regarding periviable infant resuscitation.