GOLD Speakers


Amrita Desai, MSc, LCCE, IBCLC

  • Speaker Type: 2024 Interactive Sessions
  • Country: India

Boasting a 15-year tenure as a Practicing Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Amrita has dedicated her career to advancing expertise in various realms. Her specific passions include Golden Hour Feeding, Kangaroo Care, Breastfeeding Multiples, as well as Initiating, Maintaining, and Establishing Milk supply in mothers of Preterm Babies. She also excels in guiding breastfeeding journeys in unique scenarios such as Surrogacy with induced Lactation, and handling special situations like Preterm, LBW, Surgical Cases, Syndromes, Cleft Palates, and more.

Noteworthy as a faculty member for both the Indian Academy of Pediatrics and the National Neonatology Forum, Amrita has been an integral part of numerous breastfeeding and nutrition workshops. Her extensive training in Human Milk Banking under the guidance of Dr. Ben Hartmann at PREM Bank, King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth, WA, has been pivotal. She played a key role in establishing the first Preterm Human Milk Bank named 'Yashoda' at Sahyadri Specialty Hospital, Shastrinagar, Pune. This initiative was modeled after the successful PREM Bank in WA, showcasing Amrita's commitment to advancing lactation care and support.