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Culture and Diversity Speakers

Cultural practices, beliefs, and norms play a very important role not only in delivering health care to clients and patients, but also in how that health care is received and what outcomes are possible.  Diversity within those beliefs and practices, and as a result of available resources or social economic/demographic circumstances, must be fully understood in order for health care professionals to provide the best care possible no matter where they are in the world, or what culture they are practicing within.

At GOLD Lactation, we understand the importance of Culture and Diversity in health care, and we are working hard to bring you speakers and presentations from around the world that will help you understand the patients and clients you are working with.  Discovering how health care is provided and received in other countries and cultures around the world can have a positive impact on our own professional practice. Given that culture is defined by much more than political borders, GOLD Lactation invites speakers to share their knowledge and expertise about lactation health care from a geographically-based focus or a people-group focus from within a particular set of beliefs, lifestyle or minority.

PhD Candidate, Masters of Midwifery