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Public Opening Keynote Presentation

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Welcome to GOLD Lactation Online Conference 2019! We are excited to be offering our LIVE Keynote Presentation, "Does Breastfeeding Protect Maternal Mental Health? The Role of Oxytocin and Stress" by Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, PhD, IBCLC, FAPA. Our Keynote Presentation kicks off our annual conference and is great opportunity for those that are not familiar with the online conference format to join in the excitement. Get a taste of the GOLD Experience and if you want more, join us for the other 26 presentations we have in store. Only registered delegates will be able to claim continuing education hours and can do so by logging into the Delegates Area prior to watching the presentation. Click here to register for GOLD Lactation 2019, it only takes a few minutes!

This complimentary viewing of the recording of this presentation will be open to the public until April 19th. Registered Delegates will have until June 3 to view it via the Delegates Area, and GOLD Annual Members have until June 24th. A Certificate of Attendance will be available below for attendees of the Opening Keynote presentation shortly after the second live session.

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Kathleen Kendall-Tackett PhD, IBCLC, FAPA
Presentation: Does Breastfeeding Protect Maternal Mental Health? The Role of Oxytocin and Stress
Laurel Wilson

Abstract: Depression research contains many conclusions that appear to contradict each other regarding the role of breastfeeding. For example, breastfeeding lowers the risk of depression, but depression increases the risk that breastfeeding will fail. Moreover, breastfeeding problems increase women's risk of depression. These findings are not as contradictory as they may seem. By understanding the underlying physiological mechanism, we can understand these seemingly paradoxical findings. This presentation will describe the link between the stress and oxytocin systems, and how they relate to both maternal mental health and breastfeeding. When the stress system is upregulated, depression and breastfeeding difficulties follow. Conversely, when oxytocin is upregulated, maternal mental health and breastfeeding rates improve. This talk also includes the role of birth interventions and mother-infant sleep, as well as practical strategies that increase oxytocin.

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