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GOLD Lactation 2019 is excited to share this very special gift with our GOLD Family! “Untying Breastfeeding” is a documentary that investigates the narrative of families who have navigated through significant breastfeeding challenges due to Tongue Tie. The narrative is juxtaposed with 16 experts from across the world who share the latest understanding/research about various factors and events that sabotage birth & breastfeeding. These factors and events have potentially life-long implications for the health of humankind.

The filmmaker for this one of a kind documentary is past GOLD Lactation Speaker, Effath Yasmin. She is India's leading IBCLC and a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist from Mumbai, India. Her special interests lie in infant oral and sucking dysfunction, tongue tie assessment, treatment & rehabilitation. Yasmin is currently pursing self-funded research projects on the subject of tongue tie, including her seminal work on a potential link between tongue ties and depression. She currently runs India’s First Lactation & Family Wellness Clinic with full day observation facilities in Mumbai.

GOLD Lactation has arranged for a special viewing license that will give you a one time viewing credit to this film. You can screen the TRAILER below.

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