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World Aids DayIn honour of World Aids Day on December 1st, GOLD Conferences has teamed up with The Mother and Child Health and Education Trust in order to globally share a recording of a GOLD Lactation Conference 2013 presentation on the subject of HIV & Breastfeeding. GOLD Lactation Speaker Pamela Morrison, IBCLC offers us invaluable insight on this topic with her presentation titled "Back to the Future on HIV and Breastfeeding: The findings that transformed policy" .

We invite you to view this presentation (below) and share this education with your colleagues.

"When mothers diagnosed as HIV-positive can receive full antiretroviral therapy for their own health, and when when they exclusively breastfeed to six months and continue partial breastfeeding to 12 months, then the risk of transmission of HIV to their babies can be reduced to between 0-1%."
~Pamela Morrison, IBCLC

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The Mother and Child Health and Education Trust establishes communications technologies that facilitate the flow of knowledge to rural low- middle-income families, delivering information to educate, motivate, empower and inspire communities around better health and nutrition practices. HealthPhone, one of the Trust's flagship initiatives, offers access to over 2,500 short educational health and nutrition videos, audio and text messages, in more than 75 languages and suitable for people who can't read. The videos are pre-loaded on a microSD memory card and inserted into basic mobile phones. The Trust has built a network of more than 20 websites that offer the knowledge mothers and fathers, teachers and students, doctors and village health workers, community leaders and the public need to know to keep children healthy, with a strong focus on promoting breastfeeding, safe motherhood & newborn health, preventing and treating diarrhoea, and improving water, sanitation and hygiene practices. The websites focused on breastfeeding, nutrition and growth, include Breast Crawl: Initiation of Breastfeeding, Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding, HIV and Breastfeeding, and Mother, Infant and Young Child Nutrition and Malnutrition. IGUDU - Speak Better English