GOLD Lactation Conference News

The world’s largest breastfeeding conference opened yesterday with a keynote from Maya Bunik, MD. A Paediatrician from Colorado, USA, Dr. Bunik described The Trifecta Approach that is applied at a local clinic -- a multidisciplinary team consisting of a Paediatrician, Lactation Consultant, and Psychologist. This team holistically helps a family that is experiencing breastfeeding challenges, and the solutions are comprehensive and resolve roots of problems.

As per the GOLD tradition, the keynote was open to the public, to enable as many healthcare practitioners as possible to access current breastfeeding information. The online format of the conference offered unique ways to interact that aren’t possible at in-person conferences — an online chat was viewable to all during the talk, allowing people to share thoughts and expand knowledge, in tandem with the live presentation. The international audience highlighted the uniqueness of The Trifecta Approach, and many commented on desiring such an approach in their part of the world. Facebook and Twitter allowed people to share selfies and snippets of quotes from the talk. All participants were entered into a virtual draw, and books and GOLD goodies are now in the mail to some lucky participants. An online Forum exclusive to GOLD delegates will allow continued conversation with Dr. Bunik about the topic.

An advantageous aspect of the GOLD Lactation Conference is that it is entirely online, and all presentations are recorded. Conference Delegates can view presentations any time during the 8 week conference, which meets the needs of varying timezones and busy schedules of those attending. More than 2000 people will attend the 10th anniversary of this well-established online conference that specializes in meeting the needs of Lactation Consultants worldwide.

Here are some snapshots from social media that capture the day: