GOLD Lactation Conference News

GOLD Lactation 2021 is our 15th annual online conference, and we’re thrilled to be bringing you a program packed with the biggest topics and latest information in lactation! Each year, thousands of healthcare providers from around the globe come together for this highly-anticipated event to gain knowledge and to connect with colleagues.

Join us for our free Keynote Presentation on May 10 with Lisa Marasco MA, IBCLC FILCA! “The Mysterious Milk Ejection Reflex” is an info-packed presentation with fascinating insights. We’ll hear this webinar live two times, and then a recording will also be available.

Reserve your free seat and invite your friends to take advantage of this free education along with you: 

Lisa Marasco has been working with breastfeeding families for 35 years. She is an author, researcher, and speaker who is widely recognized for her expertise in the field of lactation.

During this presentation, she’ll be bringing us an eye-opening look at the milk ejection reflex! We’ll explore some of the obvious and more subtle factors that can positively and negatively impact this reflex. We’ll also learn about potential strategies to use when things aren’t going smoothly.

Our full GOLD Lactation conference runs from March 29 to June 30, 2021 and includes 29.5 hours of accredited education from industry experts! Learn at your own pace, participate in live events, and connect with international colleagues during chats, networking sessions, and in our discussion group.

The final day to register is June 15! Find all the details and sign up here: 

We look forward to seeing you online at GOLD Lactation 2021 for come incredible moments of community and connection!