GOLD Lactation Conference News

We’re excited to invite all of our GOLD Lactation Online Conference 2022 attendees to a brand new event: our GOLDen Hour Zumba Dance Party!

Join us live on Wednesday, April 13 on Zoom with Bertha Swanson, Certified Zumba Instructor for an hour of fun and movement. Zumba is an international form of fitness and dance with easy dance moves, and this session will be geared towards all fitness levels. All ages are welcome to join in. 

Take a break from all your conference  learning and get your body moving during this uplifting event!

Be sure to reserve your spot by logging in and registering online in the Delegates Dashboard:

This event will be taking place at 7pm UTC / 12pm PDT / 3pm EDT so sign up, mark your calendar, and get ready to have some fun with everyone at GOLD Lactation 2022!