GOLD Lactation Conference News

We’re getting ready to mark the start of our GOLD Lactation Online Conference 2024 live on April 2 with an exciting Opening Keynote event with Jacqueline Kincer, IBCLC, CSOM!

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Jacqueline is an experienced and active lactation support provider. She founded and works in private practice at Holistic Lactation. She also manufactures herbal supplements for lactation, hosts a podcast, and runs an online breastfeeding support community.

Keynote Speaker Jacqueline Kincer

Her presentation “Diving into the Nuances of Clinical Sucking Skills: Bridging Infant Oral Function and Breast Physiology” is packed with practice-changing insights and information you won’t want to miss! She’ll explore the physiological essentials that play a key part in breastfeeding success, and she’ll also guide us through the interaction between infant mouth mechanics and maternal breast physiology. We’ll focus on what it takes to establish a proper latch, the obstacles to good sucking skills, and how we can detect problems early on. You’ll leave with a new level of understanding when it comes to crafting individualized care plans and functioning as a key player in the healthcare team that empowers parents through practical strategies.

This event kicks off our full conference which runs from April 2 to July 2! We’re coming together with over 4500 international attendees to tap into the newest education from 29 expert speakers. This year’s conference is packed with more interactive learning opportunities than ever, as well as the biggest and newest topics in lactation.

We look forward to learning and celebrating with you live on April 2!