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We’re thrilled to invite you to our GOLD Lactation Online Conference 2023 Keynote! Join us live on May 1 for this FREE webinar with Carmela Kika Baeza, MD, IBCLC.

Keynote Speaker Carmela Kika Baeza

Carmela is a medical doctor and family physician whose personal experiences drew her into the field of lactation. She’s been an IBCLC since 2003 and is an author, lecturer, speaker, and educator.

In her presentation titled “An Ecosystemic Approach to the Clinical Management of Breast and Nipple Pain,” Carmela will provide a fresh perspective on how to address breastfeeding pain, taking an ecosystemic overview of the evaluation and management of pain by exploring the interaction between the mother and infant. By learning the latest research and clinical practice, attendees will gain valuable skills and insights that can be applied to help dyads to breastfeed more effectively and comfortably.

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This Keynote is part of our GOLD Lactation Online Conference 2023 which runs from April 5 to June 30. Over 4500 lactation care providers from around the globe are coming together to learn from 31 international experts

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We’ll see you online at GOLD Lactation 2023!